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Recent Rental Statistics All Landlords Should See

Published by Jennifer Maughan on August 24, 2015 courtesy of RentPrep According to many reports from across the country, rental rates are on the rise, with more people than ever choosing to rent instead of buy homes. We thought it would be interesting for landlords to see a current snapshot of the rental landscape and see what an impact be...

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21 Tips to Become the Most Productive Person You Know

By and courtesy of Robin Sharma I wanted to help you create explosive productivity so you get big things done (and make your life matter). Here are 21 tips to get you to your best productivity. #1. Check email in the afternoon so you protect the peak energy hours of your mornings for your best work. #2. Stop waiting for perfect ...

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Trusted Builders – Kent, WA

You're awesome! We're grateful to be working as a team as well. We both believe strongly that when we work together and support each other, we all rise together. It's very valuable to have that and hard to find. Thank you for being willing to work with us! -Esther

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Here are 4 Keys to Staying Out of Fair Housing Hot Water

1. Welcome all applicants.    For years, it has been illegal to discriminate, but many landlords implement practices that are blatantly illegal. For example, it is against the law to exclude families from consideration because you feel children cause wear and tear on your rental property or because you prefer a "mature and quiet" envir...

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Toni Esposti, CES®

The pleasure truly has been mine! You did a GREAT job in successfully completing this exchange and given the geographic challenges that is quite an accomplishment!!! All the best to you! (Travel safe!) Toni Esposti, CES®

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7 Extraordinary Lease Clauses That I Can’t Live Without

Written by Lucas Hall on August 3, 2015 Courtesy of Landlordology 31 Most standard leases will include basic information about the agreement, such as property address, dates, names of tenants, rent amount, security deposits, etc. However, the Devil is in the details. Most experienced landlords will tell you that the Devil ...

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Jon R. – Seattle, WA

I have been working with Kass, Ned, Shelly and the whole RentLucky crew for almost 5 years now. This group manages all of my rentals in WA State and without them my business would not be what it currently is!! As a RE Investor, I cannot recommend RentLucky strongly enough....

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Nizar A. – Seattle, WA

We have had Kass and her team manage our properties for many years!. We want to share how wonderful the team at Rent Lucky is. They are a Full-Service Management Company that genuinely take ownership of our property as their own. We have had new tenants, new leases, renewals, walk-thrus, violations, everything that is part of owning a property, but...

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