When Have We Over automated The Real Estate Industry?

$99.00 property managementWhen Have We Over automated The Real Estate Industry?

When have we overautomated the real estate industry? This is a question you should be asking yourself in case you are one of those who own WA real estate property management companies. Automation is necessary in the real estate sector, but too much can lead us to losing control of the real estate market. The best automation that should be carried out should be the one that will help the real estate companies in managing the business but leave the task of final decision making to the owners.

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” ~Anonymous

Here are cases where automation in Economic real estate Property Management has gone beyond the limit:

Systems set up to respond to all customer care queries

There are real estate management systems that have been developed to control the customer care of the companies. For instance, there are some companies that offer (MLS) multiple listing service, in case you make a mistake when listing the property that you intend to sell, you will be required to contact the system managers for you to get the corrections done. But, that is not the case. In some cases you will contact customer care and receive feedback from computer systems.

Instead of accessing assistance, the systems will end up sending you a lot of emails that will tend to advertise the services rather than helping you solve the problem. This leads to putting potential customers off. It is always necessary for systems such as $99.00 property management to carry out automation but leave the section where human interaction is required to humans.

Relying on automation to make all decisions in the real estate management

As far as humans find it easy to use automation in making decisions, not all decisions that automated systems will make will be the best for the company. The real estate sector keeps on changing. In order to keep up with the changes, it is always necessary for the real estate managers to use automation in assisting them to make decisions. The final decisions should be reached after humans have analyzed data from the automated systems. If possible the executives of the company should sit down and discuss before making decision.

Even if this will cost more than when making use of automated systems, it will lead the managers to making good decisions which will not lead the company to lose. The managers should also compare different automation systems before they decide on a system such as home of $99.00 property management fee as the best.

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