Bogus Property Managers in Prairie Ridge Put on Notice


Bogus Property Managers in Prairie Ridge Put on Notice

Following a findings of a study conducted by an independent body in March 2014, there are causes for concern in the property management sector in Prairie Ridge as well as in the entire state.

Looking to identify whether there is effective competition and whether the market is working well for homeowners, the study revealed a number of causes for concern about property manager in the industry.

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Underlying problems in property management

While some property owners were satisfied with their property managers, everything was not well to the majority because of poor managers. Unnecessary or excessive charging, insufficient transparency, poor communication and service quality, and ineffective redress were dominant among many poor performing property managers. Poor communication led to majority of homeowners to lose control over some aspects of cost effective property management.

In light of this, possible remedial actions have been set out to restore sanity in the sector and secure better outcome for property owners as well as improving the performance in property management arena. As a control measure, property managers will be licensed in 2015, hopefully that will help house owner put a noose to malfunctioning managers.

The best property manager today

A good property manager is time conscious and work for you as a buffer by engaging positively with current and prospective tenants on your behalf. Granted, property managers are not free. However, you don’t have to break your bank to because of excessive charges. For a full service $99.00 property management fee an effective manager fulfills his or her responsibilities such rent collection, advertising vacant units, arranges for repair and deals with any requests from current tenants. The quality and the scope of services provided should be reflected on the management fee charged.

Whether you have a home of $99.00 property management fee or you are rapidly increasing your investment portfolio, a manager who is able to listen to you and communicate will liaise between you and the tenants. The degree of separation will lead to a comfortable life free from dealing with complaints, evictions and maintenance issues that can yield to stress. In the event you have a fulltime job, you’ll be covered by the manager overseeing your investment.

Time saving property management is proactive and involving. Apart from maintaining open communication lines, the manager should be current and knowledgeable of the landlord-tenant law. By staying abreast with changing laws and managing deadlines, a cost effective manager protects the tenants, the building and the owner against fines and other financial setbacks that should be handled proactively.

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