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Before you File for Bankruptcy

by McFerran Law, P.S. Practicing Real Estate Law in Western Washington since 1986 November 16th, 2015 Before Filing Bankruptcy When you are dealing with serious debt and a bankruptcy seems like the right choice, there are steps that you should begin taking to improve the final outcome of your case. Additionally, there are things tha...

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100 Frequently Asked Questions About Fair Housing

The Fair Housing Act leaves many property owners and tenants alike scratching their heads. Fair Housing Partners of Washington State created 100 FAQs About Fair Housing and Kass Rose has it just for you!

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21 Tips to Become the Most Productive Person You Know

By and courtesy of Robin Sharma I wanted to help you create explosive productivity so you get big things done (and make your life matter). Here are 21 tips to get you to your best productivity. #1. Check email in the afternoon so you protect the peak energy hours of your mornings for your best work. #2. Stop waiting for perfect ...

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