Chris J., San Jose, CA

I’m a property owner that lives out of state and my previous property management company was a nightmare. Could never get them on the phone, had multiple vacancies, had tenants not paying rent. I had had enough. I interviewed at least 6 different property management companies on the phone and 3 in person. Rent Lucky was the last one I talked too and they blew me away.

Kass the owner was the only person I interviewed who talked to my as if we were going to be partners. All the other ones were more about how they would charge for services. Kass’s fees are simple and fair, while the others were complicated feeling like I was being nickel and dimed for every service.

I can always get a response from somebody at Rent Lucky within 24 hours and generally within a couple our hours and I always get a answer to my questions.

Rent Lucky was one of the most high tech management companies I interviewed. Not only do they utilize all of the major rental marketing avenues available to them, but they have a great web site of their own to list your properties. They have a very through vetting process to make sure you only have responsible renters.

They really helped turn my properties around, getting me through my first eviction, reconditioning 3 units, filling 4 vacancies and getting my my highest rents in 2 years.

Before I felt like I had to constantly fight and “manage” my management company. Now I feel like I have true partners in my business.

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