Why It’s Crucial To Rethink Poor Perceptions Of Real Estate Investors

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Why It’s Crucial To Rethink Poor Perceptions Of Real Estate Investors

When talking about real estate investors, especially in the Greater Seattle area, it’s not uncommon for people to react with a frown paired with a rolling eyes gesture. Yes, that is how most people see real estate investors. However, if you want to get ahead with your goal of financial success, then maybe its time to take a second look on who real estate investors really are and how they do their business.

“The starting point of all achievement is desire.” ~Napolean Hill

The Reason Behind

The main reason why most people would react negatively when real estate investors are mentioned is because they have an image of a person who is a bottom-feeding vulture who takes advantage of people to flip the property for a quick buck. Naturally, most well-mannered people do not want to be like that, thus they would avoid real estate investing completely.

The Real Picture

The truth is, most real estate investors are not the foreclosure-chasing or the vulture-type individuals. In fact, the majority are rental property owners and most do not consider themselves as real estate investors. They are just regular people from all walks of life like firemen, teachers, lawyers, attorneys and business owners.

They simply buy a property, rent it out, pay off the mortgage and most are on their way to retiring comfortably.

Most have not attended get-rich-quick kinds of seminar. Most of them are in the business of “rent my property” because they have seen that the investment worked for their parents, neighbors and friends.

Why Change Your View

There are two major reasons why you might want to change your view about real estate investors. As mentioned before, most are regular people and not some bottom-feeding individuals. Once you can accept that, then you mind and well-being won’t be in conflict when you do your own property rental investing. So, why invest in rental properties?

The answer will bring us to the second reason, which is opportunity. As of the moment, the demands of single-family rental households are rising and have been rising for the last 30 years. It even rose a little bit during the housing crisis of 2009.

Right now, you might be thinking in terms of “I don’t want to manage a property and I sure don’t want to repair a clogged sink at 4 in the morning”. The good news is that you don’t have to and you can still enjoy the benefits of a rental property investment. How?

This is the reason why there are such things called as Washington State property Management. For an affordable fee, they will take care all of the headaches that comes with the rental property and all you have to do is sit back and watch the money come in month by month.

The Cost

You might be asking – How much do property managers charge? It all depends on where you are and the kind of service you want.

For example, for NW property management, you may find a full service $99.00 property management. There are also services that are not considered as “full-service” and they are less costly.


Most people do no want to be real estate investors as they think they are a lower-class of human beings. Nothing can be further from the truth as most are regular people with regular jobs and simply investing in one of the most sensible retirement plan. If you have a poor perception of real estate investors, it is crucial to change such perception as real estate investing is very profitable and a sensible retirement plan. If you do not want to deal with the headaches of property rentals, then a property management service can help you with that.

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