Angela Wilson

Angela Wilson

Real Estate Consultant
Text or Call: 206-579-0218

Angela chose to become part of the #MyWayTribe because they are a group of caring, honest people with a passion for growth and helping others, who are also not afraid to have some fun! She feels, “When you surround yourself with like-minded people who share your values it allows you to grow and become a better person both professionally and personally.” Angela would like to say that her favorite part of her job is working with first-time buyers. She loves to see their eyes light up when they walk into the house that is THE ONE because it is priceless. She loves to see all the different features and character in the homes she sells. People are so creative, and it is really interesting to see how they apply that in their homes.
Angela is looking forward to working with more investors. Whether it is to help give run down homes new life, acquiring rental properties, or both. She enjoys being the eyes and ears for her clients and really understanding their needs and helping them reach their real estate goals. If money was not a factor she would split her time between a huge farm in the middle of nowhere with rescued animals or under a palm tree on a beach, always surrounded by her family of course.

What Angela does:

  • – Real Estate Sales
  • – Investor Relations
  • – First Time Buyers
  • – Listings


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