Nikki Bailey

Nikkie Bailey

Real Estate Broker
Text or Call: 253-258-8507

Nikki joined My Way Real Estate Services because she found her tribe #MyWayTribe. A collective consciousness of Real Estate professionals working to provide optimal service to their clients as well as enhance the experiences of living. She witnessed the care and respect that the #MyWayTribe carries for each other as well as the sharing of gifts and wisdom to assist in professional and personal growth. She wanted to be a part of it. Nikki felt at home and knew in her heart she had found more than a Real Estate Brokerage.
Nikki loves the education that comes with being a Real Estate Broker as well as the relationships that are built along the way. She enjoys staying updated on Green Builts, the tiny home movement, and of course market trends. For Nikki, Real Estate is the pathway to establishing a rooted foundation created to achieve her highest potential and to manifest her dreams. A happy, healthy, and thriving environment.
In Nikki’s off time she practices, studies, and teaches yoga along with meditation. When she’s not on the mat you can find her in nature with her partner and pup or on the frontlines of environmental movements offering herself to serve Mother Earth and our Sacred Waters. Nikki’s all-time favorite activity is creating plant-based meals and recipes for her family and friends. She Loves sharing snack time and bringing an awareness to a healthier alternative way of living.
Nikki’s vision if money was no object, which she is currently active on manifesting, would be being blessed with a large piece of land to protect as well as create a healing center and animal sanctuary. She sees a place of safety and comfort. Natural Water features. Tiny houses and Yurts. A community kitchen where farm to table plant-based meals are shared. A hot stone lodge for spiritual practice. A place where healers come to heal and relatives come to be healed. Artists and musicians will join to bring color to our vibration. A place where many come to share love, healing, and compassion as well as embrace the experience of the living kind.

What Nikki does:

  • – Real Estate Sales
  • – Investor Relations
  • – First Time Buyers
  • – Listings


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