Stephanie McKim

Stephanie McKim

Real Estate Broker
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Stephanie chose My Way because finding the right team is essential when it comes to growing her business in real estate. She found that when you surround yourself with people that do not serve you, support you, or have the same core values as you, it is hard to thrive and become the best person you are meant to be. This is why she is so excited to have found the #MyWayTribe. Not only do they let her be her most authentic self, they also share the same visions as her. The support and coaching they provide are exactly what she has been looking for in a Team. The opportunities are endless as they focus on ALL aspects of Real Estate, from buying, selling, leasing, and property management. The #MyWayTribe is also heavily involved with the community. This Team brings everything to the table. She can breathe easily knowing that she is surrounded by like-minded wonderful Humans who are going to help her grow as well as be a part of her business development, spirituality, and personal development all the while having a great deal of FUN, spreading love and doing what she enjoys the most, which is helping people on the journey to buy, sell or rent their way into a new life.


Stephanie feels that becoming a Real Estate Broker was the best decision she has ever made. Coming from a strong food and beverage back ground as a bartender for the last 16 year the switch was no brainer. She loves to meet and help new people. Whether it is ensuring they have a wonderful experience while they are out on the town or being able to be a part of someone’s journey in life. She loves assisting them in buying or selling a home and to her, that seemed like the ultimate fit. There is no better feeling than knowing that she was there to help someone when they found their perfect very first home. She is also thrilled to help someone who never thought their dream to buy a new home was possible and they are finally able to do it. Being a part of people’s lives, building new relationships, and making new friends are some of the greatest gifts that her career has given her. These are just a few examples of why she loves being a Real Estate Broker. The rewards are endless.


Stephanie would love to explore more opportunities by becoming more familiar with all aspects of the business. She is always excited to learn new things. One day she also would love to learn how to flip homes. However, her goal, for now, is to become as strong as she can with buying, selling, and learning how about how the leasing business works.


Stephanie’s dream if money is not a factor, is to travel the world and see the places that she has always dreamed about seeing. She would love to help her family out and send her nieces and nephew to good colleges. She also would love to open up a little hut on the beach in Hawaii and sell tacos, Coronas and rent out surf boards. Tank tops, flip flops and keeping it simple sound amazing to her.

What Stephanie does:

  • – Real Estate Sales
  • – Investor Relations
  • – First Time Buyers
  • – Listings


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