Nathan Flansburg – WA

Everyone has a story to tell. Mine was good & then a bit of life happened with some unfortunate events. None the less I worked hard to gain back what was lost. The most difficult was credit and working that up. That is still a process.

Working with Kassandra has been a God Send at least in today’s rental market. Everyone knows the housing market is getting gobbled up by big-time players making it harder for many to achieve home ownership. But, families need homes to fit their family size & at the right price. We also don’t need to be steam rolled by large corporations who own these homes & that have no personality except that of a heavy breathing bull.

So renting is really one of the few options many like me have at this point in time. None the less, Kassandra assisted me in making sure that my needs as a home renter were her first priorty. It all comes down to customer service which is a lost art in today’s economy & generation. Kassandra gets me & today’s market, I know she always has your best in mind!

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