Being prepared can help you beat out the competition. Create a profile, tell your story.

rent-my-way-logoIf you are no stranger to the rental process, you are probably sick and tired of filling out applications. They ask the same questions, they collect the same dull, dry, “how in heck does this tell anyone anything about me?” information. What is the point?

There is a point and Rent My Way knows what it is, but we also know how to do it better!

The problem is that the property owners and managers are using applications that miss the mark, they are missing the chance to get to know the people who want to rent their available properties. Rental applications and resumes actually have something in common. Stacks of data and numeric information doesn’t tell you anything about the PERSON. You can tell one heck of a story on a resume, and even perform well in an interview, but hey, anyone can “fake it till they make it” The typical application doesn’t tell you if they work day shift or night shift. It doesn’t tell you if they enjoy hiking and loud music or yoga at the crack of dawn and bagpipes with dinner. It doesn’t tell you what potentially unfortunate situation may have driven them from their former rental, or what is making them ITCH to get out of it. At Rent My Way, your application is more like a bio and personality profile. We want to know who you are, what you do, what you like, and what you want. Let your personality shine through! You’re probably wondering if your credit score is important. Yep, it sure is. It’s very important actually, so we’ll be taking a peek at that as well. Yeah, yeah, of course! We also want to know your budget and what your ideal place might look like.
Here are some ways that you can be prepared and beat out your competition. Add these items to your already stellar Rent My Way profile and application, and you are on your way!

1. Have current proof of income
2. Have your photo ID
3. Have pictures of your pets and pet references.
4. Oh and don’t forget your checkbook. Money talks. 🙂
Items 1-3 can actually be uploaded to the online profile and application so it goes through as one pretty little package.
There are so many reasons why you should rely on Rent My Way to be your go to rental source, but giving you the opportunity to really tell your story and allow your personality to appeal to property owners is really where it’s at. Be a part of the rental revolution!

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