Real Estate Listing Consultation Process

Real Estate Listing Consultation Process

Real Estate Listing Consultation Process

To do a listing consultation, it is best to do the presentation process stepwise to get the most when preparing for a consultation. Before even implementing the key rules in these three steps, it is imperative to hook up with reliable listing consultation experts. Other things you should put in your mind include the cost of effective property management.

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Step One: Preconsultation

In this step, you are given a chance to tell more about your company, about your brand and the extent to which your company can reach out to clients. This offers humble time for future clients to view what the company and your brand is all about without pressure. In this step, the information say more about your company, recent advertisements, featured properties, newsletters, testimonials, just listed/sold cards and the marketing plan. To keep your properties in good condition for the sake of future clients, it may be wise to liaise with a property management company. The real estate property management fee should be based on the status of the market as well as the amount of rent paid.

Step Two: Prequalification

Remember to deliver your information packet on time for this step to be facilitated smoothly. So what are the dos and don’ts in this stage? As soon as you deliver the consultation packet, call the seller to confirm if he/she received the information packet. Know the objectives of the sellers, their selling price, their thought about monthly cost of property management, where they are moving to, ensure that they are prepared for the consultation by having the property survey, tax bill and even mortgage balance. Remember the aim of the phone call is just to confirm the view and the goals of the seller.

Step Three: Getting the Tools Ready

Whenever you are going to the consultation room, carry with you a consultation basket. It should contain things such as calculator, clipboard, notebook, measurement tool, net sheet, listing agreement, last 3 sales in the area, CMA based on recent sales and actives and a small gift. These are the key steps that will lead to an effective listing consultation. Prepare well by following the aforementioned steps to pave way for the real consultation. I want to rent my property at a higher value, I want to hook up with affordable property Management Company, what should I do? In a presentation, you should be able to ask such questions to prepare adequately for the listing process.

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