Test and See the Magic of a Tacoma Property Manager


Test and See the Magic of a Tacoma Property Manager

A few landlords manage properties on their own while others prefer a property management company to carry out the business on their behalf. For you to make this decide; who will manage my rental’, your experience and circumstance comes into play, as well as the number and size of the properties to let.

While dealing with one or two rental properties is a simple DIY, dealing with a large area of land with various properties to let is a real headache. However, if you own a number of homes in the Greater Seattle area, to you belongs, not headaches, but free time, more freedom, less stress, and above all, consistent cash-flow.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

An economic property manager can increase the value of your investment, which is the reason why many successful landlords will tell you that a good property manager is extremely valuable. Have a look at some of the answers you get when you ask: “Will you rent my property?”

No Stubborn Tenants

An experienced property manager has dealt with many applications and knows how to dig for the real facts about the applicant and quickly analyze the information for warning signs. Hence, you are sure of a thorough screening process that will result in reliable tenants that cause fewer problems, put less wear and tear on your unit, but pay on time, and rent longer.

Shorter vacancy cycles

A unit that is properly maintained and goes for the best rent rates will not only attract many candidates, but also quickly. Determining affordable yet optimal prices requires the knowledge and updates of the local market as well as access to top rental rate tools.

An experienced manager has placed hundreds of ads therefore understands what to say, when and where advertise to lure a large pool of potential tenants within a short period of time. It is such a manager who is familiar with sales and quick at closing deals that you are proud to say: “This is my property manager”.

Best property management fees

How much do property managers charge? It depends on the services you buy into. There is a slight difference between residential versus commercial management fees but the normal management fee runs between 4-12% of monthly rent. The variation is largely dictated by the number of properties to be managed, the number of units in each, the location and condition of the property.

As mentioned, the type of services you buy may come with additional fees such as vacancy fee, set-up fee, leasing fee, advertising fee, reserve fund fee, maintenance fees, and others.

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