Top Reasons to Hire a Property Management Firm in Seattle


Top Reasons to Hire a Property Management Firm in Seattle

More and more homeowners who want to sell or rent their homes are coming to discover the huge benefits of hiring an experienced property management firm to guide them through the process. In addition to saving money and time, these homeowners are less frustrated and gain the peace of mind that their properties are on good hands.

Marketing the property while dealing with your tenants is extremely difficult, especially if you have other important things on your mind. An experienced and capable property manager can do all these things in your place at an affordable fee. Finding the right property management firm in Seattle allows you to benefit of cost effective property management services that cater to your own needs.

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” ~Winston Churchill

Most property management companies offer a full service $99.00 property management deal. Here are some of the most important reasons to hire a professional a property management agency that is willing to help you out with selling, maintaining and renting your home, apartment, condo or any other type of property.

Understands Rental Pricing

First of all, a property management company with enough experience in this field has the advantage of understanding the common rental prices. Whether you have a home of $99.00 property management fee or you are on the brink of increasing your investment portfolio, a professional agency can guide you in choosing the right prices for your properties.

Local Market Knowledge

Another benefit of working with a property management company is that they understand the local market and know where are the best places to advertise your property. Because managing properties is what they do, these companies really understand the concept of time saving property management. Hence, they can increase your earnings while saving time selling or renting your property.

Maintenance & Repairs

Professional property managers get discounts from repair and maintenance vendors due to the large number of properties they manage, so they are willing to maintain and repair your property in your place. In the end, a part of these savings is transferred down to you, taking into consideration that the average cost of repairs and maintenance for a 2-bedroom apartment amounts to $1,500 per year.

Four-Percent Drawdown vs Income Focus

According to a famous manager, if you want to make sure that your savings will sustain you after you retire, it is paramount to set aside four percent of your capital in an investment-linked living annuity. Hiring a property management firm to manage, maintain and repair your property will allow you to get those extra four percent every month in order to have a happy and hassle-free retirement.

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