WANTED ADS and the Law of Attraction


rentlucky, property management, real estateLandlord seeking: Single, non-smoker, with stable income and no drama.

Renter desperately seeking: Honest, loyal property owner that loves to fix things and isn’t too clingy.

Do you ever think that the rental market is similar to dating?  Well, I do!  Everyday my property management company matches landlords with residents and hope that there are no dirty little secrets that weren’t disclosed.   It’s our job to filter through countless applications, resumes, and stories to find that perfect MATCH for our trusty landlords.  Easy job?  No way!  But, like any good business, with a proven track record, sifting through the BS gets easier and easier with time (and the help of online verification systems).

So how do your WANTED ADS play into the Law of Attraction?  Well, it’s pretty simple really.  You get what you attract.  You attract what you put out there.  You are what you eat.  Wait….maybe I’m getting carried away.  But, you get the drift. Right?

Attract the kind of people you want to rent to! Let’s face it.  There are people out there that have higher standards for their living space than others.  We’ve all been to visit that one friend or family member and left their home feeling like we needed to shower.  You love them, but you can’t live like them. You get what you attract. Start by buying a property in a neighborhood that you would be proud to live in.  Then, put some cash into your investment property, both the building and landscaping to make it look like a place that you’d invite your guests to.  Feel free to buy a rundown property and rent it as is, but I guarantee you that you will not attract the kind of tenants that you can depend on to help you pay your mortgage.  Spend a little more money for stainless appliances and decent flooring.  Put up a new coat of paint inside and take the opportunity to do a little updating.  Basically, clean yourself up before asking someone to legally date you and your property for the next year or more!  The people who appreciate your investment are more likely to be the kind of people who stick around for a long time and also the kind of people that you don’t have to chase down when the rent comes due.

Share with the world, that you are awesome and available!  Now that you know whom you want to attract, get ready to spread the word!  Shout it out to everyone who will listen!  Broadcast what you have available to your friends and family.  Don’t assume that people in your network aren’t interested in helping you find your next perfect renter.  It’s like a blind date, some work out and some don’t.  The more options you have the better the chances for finding a MATCH.

Leverage the power of social media. Tweet it, post pictures to your timeline, send pictures out via Instagram or pin your favorite interior pics to Pinterest all with links back to an email or your website. You WILL get noticed. People will like, click, share, recommend, pin, and so on. In fact, you may get more attention than you want!  If you decide to go this route make sure you have a plan in place to handle the leads because they WILL come.  If you are really adventurous, take a few moments to boost your Facebook post.  You can choose an audience; choose how much money to throw at the advertisement etc.  (When in doubt, ask your kids for help!)

Hey, Baby what’s your sign? Post a quality sign, encouraging people to look at your property and call you.  Have fun and show your personality.  Who wants a boring old landlord?  Not me!  Let them know that your property is ready to rent and you are different than all the other options out there.  Quick approvals, great maintenance support and easy leasing process is all a bonus.

When in doubt, Hire a PRO!   Ah, yes, at the end of the day, you can also admit that this leasing business just isn’t your highest and best use of time.  Call a pro and let them sift through the people, prospects, problems and cherry pick the BEST resident for you!




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